We are all Warriors

Living with a disability requires a fighting spirit, unwavering determination, and immense courage. By affirming that “We are all Warriors,” we acknowledge the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and celebrate their ability to overcome adversity with grace and tenacity.

Meet Melinda

Melinda Preciado, the 2022 Ms. Wheelchair Oregon America, has embraced her role as an advocate for individuals with disabilities. Her journey as a wheelchair user and amputee began just over two years ago following a traumatic event that resulted in the loss of her right leg. This experience led Melinda to adopt the platform “Adapting America for All” and advocate for accessibility improvements, particularly in public spaces. She emphasizes the importance of modifications through real-life examples, such as encountering inaccessible restrooms during meetings with officials. Melinda’s advocacy work raises awareness of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and highlights the need for inclusivity.

As Ms. Wheelchair Oregon and now Ms. Wheelchair Oregon USA (2023), Melinda’s visibility has increased, providing her with more opportunities to advocate for people with disabilities. She understands the significance of representation and has seen firsthand the impact her presence has on others, especially young individuals who feel inspired to see someone like them in public settings. Melinda’s advocacy extends beyond awareness-raising as she offers support to amputees as a Certified Peer Visitor, using her own experiences to help them navigate their own life changes. Through her work, Melinda aims to empower individuals of all abilities to live independent and dignified lives.

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Upcoming Events

Become part of the Adapting America for All movement by supporting Melinda and her cause. By attending and supporting these events, you are actively contributing to building a more inclusive society, promoting equal opportunities, and empowering individuals with disabilities to thrive. Your presence and support help create a positive impact, fostering change and improving the lives of people with disabilities.

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By supporting Melinda’s efforts with a gift or monetary donation, you actively contribute to advancing disability rights, promoting inclusivity, and empowering individuals with disabilities. Your contribution helps sustain and expand her advocacy work, ensuring that it continues to make a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals.

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